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Cycling UK Lincolnshire AGM 2019

The Cycling UK Lincolnshire AGM took place on Sunday 27th October 2019 at 11.00 am at the

Reepham/Cherry Willingham Village Hall

Guest Speaker Gwyneth McMinn, Head of Network Development (Midlands and East) Sustrans.

Tim Newbery (Chair) welcomed everyone and was pleased with the attendance which was in excess of 25 members. Many thanks to Andy Townill for booking the hall making all the catering arrangements. Following the address, Andy Townhill (Secretary) gave us the Secretary’s Annual Report and commented on the work of the committee and the current state of Cycling UK Lincolnshire.

The Treasurer’s Annual Report was read out and in summary our bank balance stood at £2,693.72 – an increase of

£ 342.60 on the previous year’s balance.

The accounts and report were accepted and agreed unanimously at the meeting.

Election of Member Group Committee Members. 

A few changes were necessitated this year with Rodney Jelfs standing down as Welfare Officer after valuable service.

Trevor Halstead has agreed to take on the role as Welfare Officer as an interim measure. It is hoped that Daniel Nicholson will be able to take over from Trevor in the near future.

Chair: Tim Newbery

Secretary: Andy Townhill

Treasurer: Barry Jordan

Registration: Melanie Carroll

Welfare: Trevor Halstead

Promotions and Publicity: Tim Newbery

Campaigns: Melanie Carroll

Trevor Halstead remains as our Honorary President and Flora Forster our Honorary Auditor.

Presentation Of Awards:

The West Lincolnshire Trophy

The West Lincolnshire Trophy was awarded to Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club member George Carnall he is a great ambassador for Cycling UK as a ride leader he is out most Sundays taking part in Cycling UK Gainsborough’s social rides. George has also offered his services as a cycling buddy helping new cyclists with their rides.

BSA Merit Cup

The BSA Merit Cup was awarded to David Buckngham. A magnificent total of almost £280 was raised by Lincoln member David Buckingham after organising a Cycle Jumble on 24th March at the Royal Naval Association in Lincoln. Proceeds were split equally between the Royal Naval Association Lincoln Branch and Cycling UK Lincolnshire and David presented a cheque to the value of £140 to Cycling UK Lincolnshire. David hopes to repeat the event next March.

The Paul Enderby Memorial Trophy

The Paul Enderby Memorial Trophy was awarded to Louth Area, the trophy was gained for all support and promotion of Cycling UK events in Lincolnshire. Cycling UK members Alan Hockham and Rob Whitworth accepted the ward on behalf of the Louth Area.

Photography Trophy

New rules set up this year and 15 entries were submitted under the care of Barry Jordan for presentation.  After viewing the entries by guest judge Gwyneth McMinn, the Cycling UK Lincolnshire Photography Trophy went to Melanie Carroll for her picture of the Water Rail Way.

Guest Speaker - Gwyneth McMinn

Gwyneth McMinn, Head Of Network Development (Midland and East) was our guest speaker. She gave us an informative review of the organisation and she stated that the collaboration with Cycling UK was seen as crucial. Sustrans is not a campaigning organisation, indeed it is not allowed to campaign. Following a review of the NCN there was a focus now on taking routes away from roads. The network should be able to be used by those who are less confident and safety is seen as paramount. Parts of the network that might be deemed dangerous will be de-commissioned. For further information, please visit

Cycling UK Lincolnshire was delighted to be able to present Gwyneth a cheque to the value of £100 to go towards signage for NCN Route 1 in Lincolnshire and the Willow Glade Project in Skellingthorpe.

Cycling UK Lincolnshire Chair Person's Report 2018-2019

This year has seen active participation in a number of events across the county. There were successful Audax rides run in conjunction with Cycling UK and the ‘Lincoln Imp’ Randonnee in April orgainsed by Andy Townhill saw 51 entrants raise £237.70 for Cycling UK Lincolnshire, whilst in September the new ‘Wold Traverse’ Randonnee organised by Alan Hockham raised a worthy £65.77 for the Member Group’s funds. In October, Peter Jones organised a brand new Audax, ‘From Ridge to Vale’ on behalf of Cycling UK Lincolnshire. Cycling UK Gainsborough was also involved in this year’s Bike Week, hosting the 30th annual Bikeathon in aid of Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance in June. Trevor was able to present a cheque to the value of £700 raised by participants in the National Bike Week ride, Cycling UK Gainsborough, Gainsborough Cycles and friends. Many congratulations to all who helped and took part. Thanks too to David Buckingham who raised £141 for the Member Group by holding a Cycle Jumble in March. The event took place at the Royal Naval Association in Lincoln. David hopes to hold another Cycle Jumble in the not too distant future.

Melanie attended Cycling UK’s Campaigners Conference in Birmingham in November, where she was also one of the speakers holing a Q and A session on raising awareness of local highways consultations. In June Melanie attended the East Midlands Cycle Forum in Derby and Tim Newbery and Melanie Carroll both attended Cycling UK’s AGM held in London. The Volunteer Celebration ‘Going The Extra Mile’ took place on the same day. Melanie Carroll and Andy Townhill have both been busy representing Cycling UK Lincolnshire at various meetings and consultations regarding such issues as the A46 bypass, Lincoln’s New Transport Strategy and Operation Tandem with Rodney Jelfs taking up the role in consulting with LCC regarding the Grantham Bypass to name a few. Melanie in particular has been active on social media highlighting our campaigns and cycle safely issues and we thank here for here tireless work.

It’ll be interesting to see the development of better engagement with those who may wish to be involved with local and national campaigning and volunteering.

It is hoped that our Member Group can act as a co-ordinator and facilitator for members of the public and cycling groups to report on such issues and to get involved themselves.

Tim Newbery also attended various meetings and consultations regarding a new project “Cycle England led by Visit Lincoln, Access Lincoln and Welcome to Yorkshire. The aim is to encourage cycle tourism in Lincolnshire, opening up the market to Dutch and German holiday makers in particular. In August, BBC Radio Lincolnshire organised a cycle ride from Boston to Lincoln to promote Cycle to Work Day. A great opportunity for us to get involved and Tim was happy to ride with Harry Parkhill along the Water Rail Way as far as Woodhall Spa.

Cycling UK Lincolnshire, formerly Lincolnshire District Association (DA) celebrates its 90th Anniversary next year. A meeting was held on Sunday, May 25th 1930 at the White Hart Hotel, Ludford, Lincolnshire in connection with the proposal to form a District Association for North Lincolnshire (encompassing that part of the county north of a line drawn through Skegness, Horncastle, Lincoln and Dunham Bridge).

We are intending to organise a dinner on Sunday 24th May at the White Hart to celebrate this event. Full details to follow.


Yours in Cycling.

Tim Newbery, Chairperson, Cycling UK Lincolnshire.

​Cycling UK Lincolnshire Secretary's Report 2018-2019

(to follow)

​​Cycling UK Lincolnshire Registration Officer Report 2018-2019

We've now been set up on the new Member Group Administration system on the main Cycling UK website. This means the Registration Officer now has a fully GDPR compliant access to the members list for our membership area. What this means in practice is that We can now send emails to all members (who have agreed to receive info - we can't see their email details as that's hidden by the system for security) and/or to specified groups or individual members... For instance new members can be sent a welcome email from us (this can only be done once though obviously), lapsed members can be reminded of the local reasons to rejoin, and if sorted into areas on the system members could be informed of rides if they gave permission etc.
With this in mind it was important that we considered and drew up what we wanted to say and include in these emails etc going forwards - which we have done and we will now keep a monthly eye on the system to ensure any new members or lapsed members are welcomed or reminded as soon as possible.

I can inform you that in the last 12 months we have had 41 new members join, 3 groups have joined up as afilliate members, and 3 people already cycling UK members have moved into the area too.
In total the current membership for our area stands at 353 members.

Cycling UK Lincolnshire Campaigns Officer Report 2018-2019

During the last year we have worked on and are actively engaged with issues such as the North Kesteven Relief Road,
we have consulted on the Grantham Bypass (thank you Rodney for your work on this one), the A46 roundabouts & Welton Road reconfiguration (thank you to Andy who did the real work of formal objection for us & attended key face to face meetings on this issue), the Lincoln Transport Strategy & both the Lincoln and North East Lincoln Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure plans. 
Both Andy, Tim & Myself have been and are attending stakeholders meetings on these issues and others as they arise, but I'd ask that you as members in the area's always attend or engage with any public roadshows where cycling is or could be an issue, or do the online surveys when available as numbers really do count.

North Kesteven now have a new Cycle Plan Strategy in place to see them promote cycling in their area. We support this but will continue campaigning for better and safer infrastructure provision.
Active Lincolnshire developed an app called GoExplore and North Kesteven District Council proactively put a series of cycle routes on it.

The Cycle England project is continuing in promotion of Lincolnshire  as a cycle routing destination, Tim does a good job of reminding them we too are about cycle touring.

AccessLincoln are encouraging people to give up a car journey where they can, and engage with us on  helping promote cycling as part of this, and just this Friday we led a 'Light the Night' together engaging with other groups and individuals to help push lights and night cycling in a fun interactive way, It's at least a bit of a cycle push.

I have been contacted by a few people, including via Chris Boardman's office, who wanted information on how best they could campaign locally in Lincolnshire & there is now a 'quick guide to basic campaigning that everyone can do' on our Cycling UK Lincolnshire website.

It remains concerning that we continue to see fatalities and serious injuries happening.
We continue to campaign and write to the police etc asking them to do more 'opclosepass' work in the county & asking the highways departments & councils to put in safer infrastructure.

I highlight any issues both national or local that I become aware of on my social media platforms and will send out the link to surveys when I have them.
It's also important for you as individual members to report or send in letters of complaint about the lack of safe infrastructure or alternative access, or dangers when you spot these things. Please also cc us in to these things too.

Finally We are still campaigning and highlighting issues and dangers across the county, locally, and nationally when needed, but just as I said last year, I still cannot stress this enough though. We need your individual voices and stories out there. Without the local and county agencies especially being aware of the dangers and genuine needs of everyday bicycle riders. Young, old, those that use anything other than a standard bicycle, or that use their bicycle as a disability aid etc they just won't listen and believe that there is a real need for change in our actual areas.  So I urge you just as I did last year to please be local campaigners and agents for change, join your local area policing forum, join your local authority panels, make the phone calls, send texts, emails or write in to the shows, media, and to your local MP's and Councillors, be the voice of bicycle riders like yourselves. Be polite be forthright and speak out and remember we, as your member group, are here to help you and advise you but we need you as individuals to proactively  and en-mass make your voices, needs and wants known and heard to the powers that be.

We'd also like you to consider being active volunteers for us, could you carry leaflets telling folk about us & our campaigns, groups or rides, could you spare time to promote us at a local fete or event, could you be a local link between us and your Councillors, libraries, community groups & venues?
We, the committee, can't do it all alone - especially in areas we aren't local to, but with you we could do more so please think about it and see or contact me later if this is something that resonates with you. Thank you.

Cycling UK Women's Group, Lincoln Report 2018-2019

We continued with our monthly evening rides this year hosting new riders and the established regulars as we visited various establishment. We do admit we find that our Bardney Fryer Fish & Chip Supper rides tend to be our best attended rides for some reason regardless of weather conditions - and we were relieved and lucky that  despite the flooding problems on NCN1 due to the Eastern Bypass works we timed it right each time and didn't have to cancel!
We also put on a series of rides during the Womens Festival of Cycling in July again this year, the highlight of which was a fun 40 miler out to J&J Alpacas at Stubton where we had arranged to meet up with the Hello Velo  riders. It was a great day with our group having a range of riders on bikes. Road bikes, traditional style bikes with baskets and e-bikes all attending and riding together across beautiful Lincolnshire countryside to celebrate all that is Women and Cycling.
We look forward to continuing our monthly rides and festival rides next year and maybe adding some new brunch rides during warmer months. 

Cycling UK Louth Area Report 2018-2019

The regular Sunday rides have continued, in addition to the ‘Wednesday Summer Exploration’ series. For the first time too, we have extended our Wednesday Rides throughout the year but on an informal ad-hoc basis from September. Numbers have averaged about 5, a little higher than last year’s attendance with a maximum turnout of 10 (guests from holidaying Cycling UK Member Groups bolstering numbers). We welcomed new members Bernie Hobill and Rob Whitworth in November and December whilst Jason Bartup has been a welcome guest in the latter part of 2019. We’ll try to get him signed up!

Our Annual Dinner took place at Brackenborough Arms in April where Tim Newbery was presented with the Effort Cup. Thanks!

There were rides to familiar destinations, which included seaside resorts of Mablethorpe and Cleethorpes and a longer Summer ride to Gibraltar Point. Rides to North Somercotes, Ludborough LWR, Wold Newton, Woodthorpe and Binbrook also proved popular. And we can’t have a season without a ride to Wickenby Aerodrome by request from Chris Owen.

During the Winter Season, we were delighted to welcome both Bernie Hobill and Rob Whitworth, although Bernie has now given club cycling a break. We enjoyed a Boxing Day ride with the Lincoln Area to Whisby Nature Park, and the New Year Walk along the Louth Canal followed by lunch at the Woolpack proved a big success. A ‘steamy day out’ at Ludborough on New Years day followed. Waes-Hal at Skidbrooke was well attended and perhaps next year the club will continue the celebrations at Saltfleet for dancing and drinking!
Spring rides included a route to Tetney not only to enjoy the hospitality of the Crown and Anchor but also to view Marconi’s Transmitting Station. Indeed, there have been many rides where we have enjoyed learning about the local history. Being based in ‘Bomber County’ there are sadly reminders of many locations where aircraft have crashed with fitting memorials to those who perished. On 18th April Barry Jordan led a ride to celebrate the opening of a new café in Binbrook, the ‘B-17’ (who also helped us out with our Audax later in the year).
Summertime saw the club enjoy a visit to Lincoln for the Grand Prix, a longer ride to Gibraltar Point and visits of steam pumping engines at Dogdyke and Gayton.
In June, Rob Whitworth, Alan Hockham, Mike Gray and Tim Newbery were pleased to support Trevor Halstead in Cycling UK Gainsborough’s National Bike Week Charity Ride in aid of the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance whilst members also took part in the Emma Jayne Bikeathon at Little Cawthorpe. Fewer members than usual attended the York Rally and our Picnic Ride to Red Hill Nature Reserve was hampered by LCC redressing the roads – on a Sunday! Thick wet tar and loose gravel everywhere! The BBQ hosted by Rob Whitworth and his partner Jean in July was however a great success. Tim has kindly agreed to hosting next year. No pressure! 
Autumn heralded an updating of the long running Wolds Audax. The first Randonne took place in 1983, staring at Hubbard’s Hills, the event moving to Ludford in 1989. Alan Hockham has taken the reins and the 100 km ‘Wold Traverse’ was held on 15th September. Much work was involved and club members tested out the ride before the event.  
Our Wednesday Summer Exploration Series saw a varied list of destination, some necessitating ca car assist. We try to limit these transits but it’s fascinating to experience new areas to cycle and enjoy. Visits to Burton Constable, Hornsea, Skipsea and Fort Paull wee enjoyable whilst we were given a fascinating talk at the home of the Wesley’s in Epworth in the Isle Of Axholme. Great to have Reg Bagshaw back out with again. Other venues included Thorpe Camp and Bransby Horse Centre.
Camping trips are proving increasingly popular. Following on from successful ventures to Wing Hall Campsite, we revisited in August for a couple of days. Owing to members commitments we were aware of the forecast of heavy rain on our final day, and the heavens did indeed proceed to unleash bountiful supplies of water. Further adventures at Burton Constable followed and there are plans to re-visit both sites in 2020, in addition to a few days at Hickling in the Norfolk Broads with a view to catch a glimpse of the elusive Common Crane.
Interesting to see the variety of bikes being used by members. John Ambler is now sporting a new-bike bright enough to light up a gloomy day. Equipped with two batteries John can now be found at the head of the group climbing the hills with apparent ease. Good luck to our longest serving member (John joined the group back in 1986).


The weather did interfere with a number of rides during the period and sadly this necessitated a few cancellations or abandonments, more especially in February and October.

Many thanks to all the Ride Leaders to include Rob, Barry, Alan and John.

​Cycling UK Lincoln Area Report 2018-2019

(to follow)

Cycling UK Gainsborough Report 2018-2019

(to follow)

​​AGENDA              MINUTES               BALANCE SHEET



Cycling UK rules require us to have a minimum of three people on our committee. There are also three obligatory roles.

Additional roles can be added as we see fit.

Cycling UK Lincolnshire's current committee structure is comprised of the positions below:

Chair (obligatory position)

The duties of a Chair shall include the following: 
To preside at each meeting of the Committee and (if the Group Rules so provide) at the Annual General Meeting; 
To facilitate the efficient and correct conduct of the meetings as laid out in the  Policy Handbook for Cycling UK.

Chairs are responsible for ensuring compliance with Cycling UK’s legal obligations and organisational policies and this now includes ensuring the group or area are following Cycling UK's GDPR guidance and are compliant with the GDPR. 


Scretary (obligatory position)

The duties of a Secretary shall be to: 
To convene General Meetings in accordance with these regulations; 
To call a special meeting of the Group Committee upon receipt of a requisition signed by at least one third of its members; 
To prepare minutes of all Committee meetings 
To act as a point of contact between the Group and representatives of any Informal Member Groups connected to the main Group; 
To act as a point of contact for Cycling UK members on the Cycling UK website and in ‘Cycle’ magazine.

Secretaries handle local membership data and so must be particularly aware of GDPR regulations. 

Treasurer (obligatory position)

It shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer to:  
To hold and account for the monies collected in the name of the Group; 
To prepare the Annual Statement of Accounts for audit and presentation too have opted to share accounting procedures; 
To complete an annual Subscription Allocation Claim and submit it to the Finance Manager at Cycling UK National Office; 
To submit a claim for Special Allocation Funding if required by the Group. 
To hold and account for the monies collected in the name of the Group; prepare the Annual Statement of Accounts for audit and presentation to the f the Group. The Statement shall include: a list of Group assets with current values; and summaries of the accounts of any Groups who have opted to share accounting procedures;  


There are also a number of obligatory roles:


Registration Officer (obligatory role)

The Registration Officer receives details of Cycling UK members who: 

Live within certain postcode areas selected by the Member Group; and 
Those full Cycling UK members who have chosen to be listed with that Group. 
The Registration Officer must adhere to the Cycling UK Data Protection Policy on handling and using Cycling UK membership information.  The information within the membership lists is to be used for the purpose of marketing Cycling UK events and related information only. A Registration Officer has enhanced responsibilities under the GDPR to manage data securely and safely. The Registration Officer is usually nominated to create and maintain the “Managing personal data” template.  

Welfare Officer (obligatory role)

The duties of the Welfare Officer are as follows: 
To be accessible to members to help them in addressing issues such as complaints against individuals; the protection of vulnerable adults and children; and issues of discrimination; 
To monitor compliance with policies related to this area, such as Cycling UK’s Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy and Cycling UK’s Young Person’s Participation Policy. Welfare Officers should familiarise themselves with Cycling UK’s Complaints, Disputes and Disciplinary Procedures in the event of any disputes; 
It is recommended that the Welfare Officer role is not fulfilled by the Secretary. 


Promotions/Publicity Officer (obligatory role)
The duties of the Promotions/Publicity Officer are as follows: 
To comply with the Objects of Cycling UK Groups, in as much as each Group must have the capacity to promote Cycling UK and the activities of the Member Group; 
To initiate promotional activities. These might include: press, publications, websites and attendance at local and national events.



Campaigns Officer (encompassing 'Space For Cycling')

Further information can be obtained HERE


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Full details of Cycling UK's policy on GDPR can be found HERE


As a Full Member Group, Cycling UK Lincolnshire follows the guidelines contained in the

Handbook For Cycling UK Member Groups as our constitution.





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