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Cycling UK Louth  Sociable Cycling

Cycling UK Louth, is an 'Informal (Member) Group', under the direction of Cycling UK Lincolnshire.

We are a friendly and mixed group of cyclists from the Louth area, also encompassing the Wolds, NE Lincolnshire and connurbations such as Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

We organise regular weekly rides plus occasional weekends away such as to the Yorkshire Dales and Norfolk.

We also meet socially (off the bikes!) to plan our rides, hold occasional 'film nights' and to enjoy an annual dinner.

Our weekly Sunday rides normally start from Louth Meridian Leisure Centre but can easily be joined or left at either our coffee or lunch stops. In the summertime we organise additional Wednesday Exploration Rides.

NEW for 2019/2020 there will be ad hoc rides on a Wednesday starting from the Magna Vitae Leisure Centre in Louth throughout the Autumn, Winter and Spring (weather permitting). Meet up at 09.30 am Summer Time and 10.00 am Winter Time. Riders choice on the day.

Each year we organise a few car-assisted rides from other starting points such as the Humber Bridge so make sure you check our rides list, social media or use our contact facilities before setting off.

See our Facebook and Twitter accounts for details and reports on our rides.


Newcomers are sometimes concerned about their level of fitness and equipment. DON'T WORRY - no special equipment is required and we can cater for all levels of fitness.

If you just want a pleasant ride in good company or have an interest in campaigning for improved facilities for cyclists COME AND JOIN US. You will be made most welcome.


What is it like on a group ride?

• You will have an experienced Ride Leader who will have a great route planned so relax and enjoy it
• If you are new to group riding, let them know – they will keep an eye on you, or assign someone to do so. You will be asked to complete a
Guest Registration form or Signing On Sheet.
• Keep in mind they are a volunteer and listen carefully to any instructions. Let them lead!
• He or she should explain any jargon and hand signals they may use to keep control of the group, however you are responsible for your own safety.
• If you fall behind, don’t worry – the group will wait for you at the next junction or at the top of a climb.
• Abide by the Highway and Countryside Codes – never ride more than two abreast except when passing. Shout ‘Passing!’ if you do so.
• Drop into single file on narrow or busy roads, unless it would be unsafe to do so.
• Show courtesy to other road and trail users and be a good ambassador for cycling.
• Be alert to what other riders around you are doing and do not get too close to them.
• Shout ‘Slowing!’ or ‘Stopping!’ if necessary – smooth, gentle manoevres work best.
• Point out any road defects or other hazards to others.
• If you wish to leave the ride, let the Ride Leader know first.

What should I bring on a group ride?

• Any appropriate bike in good working order. If in doubt, have it checked over by a local bike shop or qualified mechanic.
• Carry at least a spare inner tube, pump and tyre levers.
• Dress for the weather and bring a spare layer.
• Bring a drink and energy bar plus a picnic or cash for lunch if out all day.
• Good lights are essential if there is any chance of riding in the dark or poor visibility.

There are also guidelines for Ride Leaders: How to Lead a Ride

Download the checklist HERE


You can also view the handbook HERE and a toolkit HERE

Download a signing on form HERE

On our rides we have a few calls to warn the group of hazards or to direct the group.

(Historically, the Ride Leader would use a bugle or whistle!)

“Car up”

A car is coming up behind us

“Car down”

A car is approaching from the front


Slowing down/braking




We’re approaching a potentially dangerous pothole


We’re approaching broken glass in the road


There is loose gravel on the corner we’re taking

Join Cycling UK

Non-Cycling UK members can come on three rides before deciding to join.

Regardless of your age, ability or the type of cycling you do, Cycling UK has something for you. From leisure riders, performance road cyclists, commuters, utility cyclists to hard core mountain bikers and total beginners, Cycling UK will enhance your cycling experience.

Discover the benefits of Cycling UK membership and support Cycling UK by becoming a member.


  • Free £10m third-party insurance

  • Free cycling related legal advice

  • Bi-monthly 'Cycle' Magazine

  • Locally organised rides, campaigners and social events

  • Route library

  • Free Cycle Travel/Touring advice packs

  • Campaigning for safer roads (locally and nationally)

  • Fighting for improved access to the countryside

  • Fighting for improvement of mountain bike routes

  • Discounts at various cycle shops/cycle hire/travel agencies

  • Cycling-specific Travel Insurance

  • National organised events and rallies

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Enter the code 'CTCL1018'
in CLUB LOGIN box if required

Please click the Shop link above in order to access the Cycling UK Louth clothing page. Some items can only be purchased through an 'order window' so please speak to fellow members to make a group purchase. If you have any queries please ask.

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