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Cycling UK Lincoln  Sociable Cycling

Been inspired to take up cycling?

Recently returned to, or about to get back to cycling?

Do you find cycling on your own a bit lonely and want to make new friends through your love of cycling?

Why not join us at Cycling UK Lincoln on one of our RIDES. We offer varying distances at a steady pace and no one is left behind!

A few questions answered.

Do we charge for rides?

NO, we do not charge for our group rides.  It’s fun and free!

Do you need a racing/touring, expensive bike?

NO, we have riders on all types of different bikes.

Do I need special cycling clothing or equipment?

Whilst recommended, you do not need special clothing, what ever you feel comfortable wearing is fine.

Do I have to be super fit?

NO, you do not, although a basic level of fitness is advisable. Riding sociably is the best way to gain fitness.

We do ask you to bring inner tubes that fit your tyres though. Also cash for refreshments etc at the café stops. 

Our main aim is to encourage sociable and friendly cycling on the quiet roads of Lincolnshire.

So please feel very welcome to join us! All our rides are led by experienced cyclists.

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