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Cycling UK Louth and Covid-19


Cycling UK is advising that group riding of up to six people can now go ahead in England, in accordance with latest Government guidance, but it is urging everyone to follow best practice to minimise risk. The advisability of 'Mini' Group Rides is discussed at length on Cycling UK websites and social media. See the Cycling UK statement HERE

Rides will be limited to 6 (ride leader plus 5). Please inform Tim Newbery if you intend riding and you'll be added to the list (which will be regularly updated). If requests go above 6 perhaps we'll be able to run two separate groups/rides.

Contact Tim; Email: timnewbery@hotmail.com Tel Landline: 01507 600084 Mobile: 07714 210918

*Riders must maintain a minimum distance of 2 m from each other.

*Where possible, riders should ride single file.

*When overtaking, don't cut in too quickly.

*Where possible, keep to the 2 m rule when passing pedestrians on pavements or the highway.

More detailed guidance HERE

Ultimately, it's up to each individual to assess whether they wish to join a 'socially distanced ride', exercising their own judgement and common sense, having regard to their own safety, other road users, and infection rate.



SUNDAY 16th August 2020


To view full details of other rides/events that occur during this period, see:






GPX (GPS Exchange Format) files of some of our routes can be found below.

They can be used on devices such as Garmin, Satmap and a number of smartphones.

Simply click on the name to DOWNLOAD.

Humber Bridge (N) and Beverly - Byways and Sustrans

Humber Bridge (S) and Beverly - Byways and Sustrans

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