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Including Cycling UK's Space For Cycling campaign

and Cycling UK's Cycle Advocacy Network

On this page you'll find issues that affect us as cyclists' right across the county.

Melanie Carroll is our Campaigns Officer and will be our 'Point Of Contact'.


You can download and read Melanie's latest 'Campaigns Officer's Report' (March 2021) HERE

We would ask that any and all our members to also write to the council or other agencies when they become aware of issues that may effect themselves or other cyclists, as well as letting us know. It is no longer enough for just the voice of Cycling UK Lincolnshire to speak out, to ensure that we are heard and our needs appreciated it also needs many individual letters because each letter counts. Gone are the days when a membership organisation letter counted for the many. Now they need many letters from individuals to really make them take notice.

The work continues on and again I'd ask all Members to be active campaigners for cycle provision and safety and keep an eye on any proposed changes in their areas. Let us know too anything that we should be aware of, be it an accident blackspot, a proposed change to roads or right of ways, a new building works or estate or any other issue that needs the needs of the bicycle rider being kept front and centre.


Melanie's written 'A quick guide to basic campaigning that everyone can do' and you can download and read the article HERE


For contact information within East Lindsey, North East Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire,

you can download and read the article HERE







19th March 2021

Active Travel Fund - Community Engagement

LCC has been awarded £799,900 from Tranche 2 of the (Emergency) Active Travel Fund. As part of this fund LCC are proposing a range of schemes for market towns around the county to encourage walking and cycling. LCC would like to engage with residents to gather information and feedback on the proposed schemes. LCC would also like to establish general attitudes to active travel measures around the county.

What engagement has already happened:

An online cycling summit was held in early August 2020 with stakeholders. The website Widen My Path has also been used to gather feedback on resident ideas.

Why are we engaging or consulting:

To ensure support for the projects from local residents. This support will be crucial in terms of projects moving forward.

Who can get involved:

Residents. Cycling Groups. Employers, Retailers, Educational Settings.


How to get involved:

Workshops and an on-line survey

The Department for Transport (DfT) awarded Lincolnshire £799,900 to be used to give people more opportunities to choose walking and cycling for their day-to-day journeys, to boost active travel and reduce traffic congestion.

After inviting members of the public to submit their ideas, and hosting a virtual cycling summit with local stakeholders last year, the county council has developed eight prospective schemes.

The schemes being consulted on are:

  • Boston east-west cycling corridor

  • Grantham active travel zone

  • Lincoln and North Hykeham, Newark Road cycle lane improvements

  • Louth active town centre

  • Mablethorpe High Street active travel corridor

  • Skegness Lumley Road active travel corridor

  • Spalding town centre active travel zone

  • Sturton by Stow low traffic neighbourhood


Details of the schemes can be viewed and downloaded HERE


If they are supported by the public, each of the schemes will initially be installed temporarily for between a year and 18 months.

After this time a decision will be made after further engagement with local residents and organisations whether to maintain them.

The survey is open from Wednesday 17 March until Sunday 16 May 2021; complete the survey now.

Cllr Richard Davies, executive councillor for highways at Lincolnshire County Council, said:

"This cash won't just benefit walkers and cyclists. For every journey we can make active travel a viable option for, we'll take a car off the road, reducing congestion and pollution for all of us.

"For this second tranche of the fund, the DfT have given us more time to spend the money and implement schemes.

"This gave us the chance to draw up the plans with the communities they are for, and now we're consulting on the schemes to make sure they're appropriate and will be used. 

"Last year, data from fitness app Strava revealed over 16,000 more cyclists took to Lincolnshire's roads in 2020, compared with 2019, including thousands more cycling commuters.

"And, since opening the Lincoln Eastern Bypass with its separate shared-use path alongside, it has proved extremely popular with walkers, runners and cyclists.

"It's clear that there is an audience and an appetite in the county for these facilities.

"As well as the eight schemes in this consultation, we're also looking at plans for a similar project in Stamford – which we'll share more details about once they are finalised – and we're keen to hear your ideas for other improvements we can make to our walking and cycling network.

"Let us know where they'd like to see new cycle lanes, widened paths, or road closures and we can factor these ideas in to our future plans. You can submit their ideas to us through WidenMyPath."

You can submit your ideas for pavement widening, new cycleways or road closures online at The site allows you to pinpoint on a map where you'd like to see changes.

In the first round of the active travel fund, Lincolnshire County Council received £105,500 and invested in new cycle parking across the county, pop-up cycle lanes, and the part-pedestrianisation of Horncastle Market Place.

Published: 19th March 2021

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