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History of Cycling UK Louth

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The history of Cycling UK Louth dates back to the very early days of the organisation. In 1878 the Bicycle Touring Club was founded at Harrogate by Stanley Cotterell, and 80 members were elected. In 1883 the organization was re-titled 'Cyclists' Touring Club' (CTC), the membership having reached 10,627. Not long afterwards, a local section of the CTC was formed in Louth and there’s a splendid photograph of the club taken about 1880's that was re-published in the ‘Bygones’ section of the Grimsby Evening Telegraph in the 1980's. However, it wasn’t until 1930 that the first Lincolnshire District Association (DA) was inaugurated. The North Lincolnshire DA as it was known, encompassed that part of the county north of a line drawn through Skegness, Horncastle, Lincoln and Dunham Bridge which included Louth. It's colours were Emerald Green and Orange.

In 1936, at the time of the Louth section's 50th anniversary, a local newspaper published an article about Louth CTC with a photograph detailing club members Sid Waller, Lol Catchpole, Dick Arliss, Eric Hill, Sid Hill and Jim Broad.

The fortunes of the club waxed and waned through the decades and when Julie Kissane moved into the area in the 1980’s

(then a schoolteacher at De Aston School, Market Rasen) she was surprised to learn that there wasn’t an active section of the Cyclists’ Touring Club in Louth. She initially joined fellow CTC member Peter Launchbury (from Alford) on rides in the area but decided towards the end of 1985 to revive Louth CTC. Julie hosted a ‘Roving Clubroom’ event at the Greyhound Pub in Louth on Wednesday 15th April 1986 with the aim of a short ride the following Sunday. It didn’t actually take place until the following week when an inaugural ride was held on Sunday 27th April 1986, starting from Louth’s Market Place. Almost 50 cyclists turned up. The first published ride (in the DA’s magazine ‘The Link’) took place on Sunday 8th June 1986 with refreshments taken at the Vine, South Thoresby and lunch at the White Hart, Tetford. Julie also organised the first Louth Children’s Section ride on Sunday 15th June 1986.

The club has been supported by an active membership and annual events proved popular including camping weekends (several of those centred at Hebden Gill Bank, Yorkshire courtesy of John Ambler), Summer barbecues, mystery rides, Wassailing at Brandy Wharf and our dinner and prize giving. In 1983 Peter Launchbury organised the first Lincolnshire Wolds Randonnee as part of the DA Tourist Competition, attracting at it's peak over 90 entrants. The Wolds Randonnee would continue until 2018.


There was also a memorable Spring expedition in 1992. The Land's End - John O'Groats Ride was organised by Louth member John Ambler. Starting at Land's End on Friday 15th May and ending up at John O'Groats on Saturday 30th May, the group covered over 1000 miles in distance. The total cost of accommodation was £222 per person. In the Summer of 2016 as part of Cycling UK Louth's 30th Birthday celebrations (since it's reformation), Barry Jordan and Jim Brennan hosted a BBQ on 4th July.  Champagne was in full flow as the Anniversary Cake was cut by special guest Julie Kissane. Other guests included Rod and Flora Forster, Andy Townhill and Rodney and Judith Jelfs.



1986 - 1989                      Julie Kissane

1990 - 1993 (Autumn)      Flora Forster (née Moody)   

1993 (Winter) - present    Tim Newbery

Louth CTC 1936.jpg
Louth CTC 1986.jpg
Louth CTC circa 1990.JPG
Lincolnshire DA with Louth CTC c 1990
L-R: ?,?, Rod Forster, James Burdass, Eddy Burdass, Graham Crowder, Vivienne De Vries, John De Vries, ?, ?, Ken Porter, Flora Forster, Margaret Wilson, ?, ?, Patrick Clark, ?, Walter Beel  
30th Anniversary BBQ Cake.JPG
Julie Kissane cutting the 30th Anniversary Cake 4th July 2016
L-R: Rob Cook, Judith Jelfs, Julie Kissane, Paul Kissane, Andrew Townhill, Tim Newbery, Ying Owen, Chris Owen, Rod Forster and John Ambler
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