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Cycling UK Lincolnshire AGM 2018

The Cycling UK Lincolnshire AGM took place on Sunday 4th November 2018 at 11.00 am at the

Reepham/Cherry Willingham Village Hall

Guest Speaker Gwyneth McMinn, Head of Network Development (Midlands and East) Sustrans.

Tim Newbery (Chair) welcomed everyone and was pleased with the attendance which was in excess of 20 members. Many thanks to Andy Townill for booking the hall making all the catering arrangements. Following the address, Andy Townhill (Secretary) gave us the Secretary’s Annual Report and commented on the work of the committee and the current state of Cycling UK Lincolnshire.

We were sorry that Cycling UK Vice Chair Jaki Lowe couldn't be with us on this occasion but we were delighted learn that Melanie Carroll was successful in the Cycling UK Trustee Elections. We welcome Melanie Carroll as a new Trustee. Many congratulations!

The Treasurer’s Annual Report was read out and in summary our bank balance stood at £2,351.12 – an increase of

£ 90.24 on the previous year’s balance.

The accounts and report were accepted and agreed unanimously by the meeting.

Election of Member Group Committee Members. 

A few changes this year with Trevor Halstead standing down as Registrations Officer, with this role now being taken on by Melanie Carroll. Tim Newbery assumes the role as Promotions and Publicity Officer taking over from Trevor Halstead and Dan Nicholson, although Melanie and Trevor will continue to assist.

Chair: Tim Newbery

Secretary: Andy Townhill

Treasurer: Barry Jordan

Registration: Melanie Carroll

Welfare: Rodney Jelfs

Promotions and Publicity: Tim Newbery

Campaigns: Melanie Carroll

Trevor Halstead remains as our Honorary President and Flora Forster our Honorary Auditor.

Presentation Of Awards:

The West Lincolnshire Trophy

The West Lincolnshire Trophy was awarded to Cycling UK Gainsborough / Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club member Trevor Halstead. He is a great ambassador for Cycling UK as a ride leader, looking after many rides through-out the year promoting social cycling.

BSA Merit Cup

The BSA Merit Cup was awarded to Andy Townhill who is part of Lincoln Area. Andy has had many commitments apart from cycling but has tirelessly and with great enthusiasm helped organise group rides as a ride leader, traveled across the county to attend committee meetings and in no small part kept Cycling UK Lincolnshire on the road. He’s liaised with Melanie on a number of campaigns, reporting on issues such as close pass, short notice closures of the cycle infrastructure to name a few. He’s also continued to run a very successful Audax (The Lincoln Imp), attracting nearly 100 entrants this year and helping with controls of the Lincolnshire Wolds Randonnee.

The Paul Enderby Memorial Trophy

The Paul Enderby Memorial Trophy was awarded to Lincoln Area, the trophy was gained for all support and promotion of Cycling UK events in Lincolnshire. Andy Townhill accepted the trophy on behalf of the Lincoln Area.

Photography Trophy

Cycling UK Gainsborough member Trevor Halstead won the Cycling UK Lincolnshire Photography Trophy for his picture of a rider crossing South Common on the cycle path. Runner up picture of young riders in Laughton Woods. The competition was judged and the trophy presented by our guest speaker, Gwyneth McMinn.

Gwyneth McMinn presenting Trevor Halstead with the Photography Trophy. Photo credit: Andy Townhill.
WINNER. Crossing South Common on the cycle path. Photo credit: Trevor Halstead.
RUNNER UP. Young riders in Laughton Woods. Photo credit: Trevor Halstead.
Trevor Halstead (L) winner of West Lincs Trophy and the Photography Trophy and Andy Townhill (R) winner of the BSA Trophy and accepting the Paul Enderby Trophy on behalf of Lincoln Area. Photo credit: Barry Jordan.

Guest Speaker - Gwyneth McMinn

Gwyneth McMinn, Head Of Network Development (Midland and East) was our guest speaker. Following on from the decision at last year’s AGM to donate monies to Sustrans, Cycling UK Lincolnshire Chair Tim Newbery was delighted to be able to present Gwyneth a cheque to the value of £200 to be used by the East Midland Branch at a meeting in Lincoln back in February.


The aims and vision of both Cycling UK and Sustrans are quite similar in getting more people out cycling in a safe environment. There are differences in how this is to be achieved naturally and Cycling UK believes in our rights to use the whole variety of 'highways' as laid down by law, but it’s important that both organisations work together to achieve that shared vision. Indeed, Cycling UK’s Chief Executive Paul Tuohy sees closer co-operation with like minded organisation crucial and he met with the CEO of Sustrans on October 11th 2018 to discuss working more closely in partnership.

Gwneth gave the meeting a informative talk and wonderful presentation on the work of Sustrans both nationally and locally. We have just had the launch of Cycling UK's five year plan and we were to learn of Sustrans new five year strategy.

We were informed of the Greener Greenways Project and that included the NCN 64 Lincoln to Fledborough route, as well as a major project at Cherry Willingham which involves Lincoln City and County Council. There's to be co-operation too with Highways England and details will be made available to the public soon. Gwyneth commented on the work to gain funding for a new bridge at Torksey which will enable cyclists to use the network (Torksey Viaduct is currently a walking only route), and the ongoing work along the River Ancholme.

2000 miles of NCN are located in our region (Midlands and East) and 39% of it is audited as very poor with 56% being excellent. We were told that there is much work still to be done.

If we have problems with the Sustrans NCN routes in the Lincolnshire area then Martyn Brunt is the guy to talk to:

Cycling UK Lincolnshire Chair Person's Report 2017-2018

It’s been yet another busy year for Cycling UK at National Office and locally for Cycling UK Lincolnshire.

Our Annual General Meeting was held at the Reepham/Cherry Willingham Hall on November 5th 2017 where the West Lincolnshire Trophy was awarded to Cycling UK Gainsborough / Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club member Dave Jacklin. He is a great ambassador for Cycling UK, attending many rides through-out the year promoting social cycling. The BSA Merit Cup was awarded to Melanie Carroll who is part of the Lincoln group. She runs a women’s cycling group in Lincoln and also worked hard attending County Council meetings encouraging local authorities to produce safe cycling routes in the area. The Paul Enderby Memorial Trophy was awarded to Cycling UK Louth for promoting cycling activities in their area, as well as promoting cycle rides throughout the year. Our guest speaker Jaki Lowe, Vice Chair of Cycling UK's Board of Trustees, also presented to Rodney Jelfs a ‘Certificate Of Merit’. This award and accompanying citation are given to members who have given outstanding service to Cycling UK and Cycling. Rodney has worked tirelessly and given over 30 years’ service. Many congratulations.

Trevor Halstead also proposed donating monies to Sustrans, as most members use their facilities and in the interests of working more closely with like-minded organisations. The Committee agreed to donate £200 to the East Midlands branch and a presentation was made on 10th February 2018. The donation was received by Gwyneth McMinn, Sustrans Head Of Network Development (Midland and East), who has agreed to attend this year’s AGM and address the Member Group.

This year has seen active participation in a number of events across the county. There were successful Audax rides run in conjunction with Cycling UK and the Lincoln Imp Randonnee in April saw 95 entrants raise £230 for Cycling UK Lincolnshire, whilst in September the Lincolnshire Wolds Randonnee and Cycling UK Tourist Competition raised a worthy £116 for the Member Group’s funds. Sadly, it was the last Lincolnshire Wolds Randonnee to be run as this event is being retired. Cycling UK Gainsborough and Cycling UK Louth were also involved in this year’s Bike Week with the Louth Area hosting the Geoff Findon Bikeathon which raised £300 in aid of Louth and District Hospice, whilst Cycling UK Gainsborough held their annual Bikeathon in aid of Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance in June. Many congratulations to all.

Melanie Carroll attended ‘From Bloomers to Baggies’ at Manchester in June to start this year’s Women’s Festival of Cycling. Cycling UK Lincolnshire Chair Tim Newbery attended the Cycling UK AGM held in Bristol in May and was also a delegate at this year's Annual Get Together in October which also celebrated Cycling UK's 140th Anniversary. Appropriately enough, the venue was in Harrogate where the Bicycle Touring Club (later to become the Cyclists' Touring Club) was founded.

Finally, good luck to Melanie Carroll who is a candidate in the 2018 Board of Trustee Elections. Voting closed on October 31st so we should know the results soon.

Tim Newbery, Chairperson, Cycling UK Lincolnshire.

​Cycling UK Lincolnshire Secretary's Report 2017-2018

This year I have been trying to get to grips with the GPDR (privacy with data) and how we contact Cycling UK members.  I don't think I am alone in being slightly bemused by it all, judging from the media and Cycling UK emails. I think this will carry on through 2019.

On the local front Cycling UK were invited to two forums. Firstly the Coastal Highway or upgrade of the A158, a £150 million pound project. The second was the Hykeham Relief road, another £150 million pound project. So with the Eastern Bypass this represents about half a billion pounds to be spent on motorists. Nothing on cycling.

I am sure many of us spent time filling in feedback for North Kesteven regarding their new cycling strategy. I am afraid this seems to have disappeared, possibly all monies being diverted to the Hykeham Relief road project.

Earlier this year it was announced that Lincolnshire would be welcoming cyclists with a £1 million pound grant to promote cycle tourism. Nothing heard about this lately too, possibly money diverted to the Coastal Super Highway under the guise that bikes will be transported on the back of cars.

Numbers were down in both the Lincoln Imp event and the Lincolnshire Wolds Audax, so much so that the Wolds event in 2018 is the last time it will take place. It looks like cycling is not as popular as it was after 2012 and Paul Tuohy did mention this in the last magazine. I am sure National Office will soon have a strategy in place to recruit more members and increase rider numbers.

In summary 2019 could be  a pivitol moment for cycling in Lincolnshire if these road projects go ahead, with little or no cycling provision.  Every area of Cycling UK Lincolnshire will be affected and we are at risk of losing our quiet routes that make Lincolnshire special!

Cycling UK Lincolnshire Campaigns Officer's Report 2017-2018

During the last year we campaigned on and highlighted issues such as #ClosePassing, the lack of space on our roads & the associated Killed/Seriously Injured rates in our cities especially but also on our rural roads, along with educating on why people cycle on footpaths and the need for safe cycle provision and space for cycling. 
We have been contacted throughout the year and we have had a number of us do live on air pieces on BBC Radio Lincolnshire and other local radio stations as well as getting pieces in the local press and media.
We even managed a good piece to camera on the BBC Look North news on these issues in February which as well as highlighting the issues, also helped re-open some communication channels between ourselves and Lincs RSP and other agencies, though much is still needed to be done.

In the last 12 months we have also attended a number of consultations across the county on issues such as a new 'Coastal Highway' between Lincoln & Skegness, on tourism in the county and the associated cycling needs and offer, and most recently on the 'NH relief road'. At all of these events we have spoken out ardently on the very real needs of bicycle users for good, well maintained, safe and segregated infrastructure that works for the 7 year old and parent, for the disabled, and for the less confident bicycle riders, and not just road cyclists. We will keep campaigning for all and we will keep demanding that LCC & other authorities comply with their own stated cycling strategies and to the best practice policies coming out from DfT and elsewhere. However this needs not just the voice of the organisation, but the very real voice of the individuals. 
When people really speak out and register their concerns individually and to their local authorities and other agencies they do begin to be acknowledged, as we saw in January when Sue, Eric and some of our other members took up the baton and actively complained when signs went up prohibiting them from cycling safely along largely generous sized and quiet paths. They were acknowledged, they were picked up by the media, and they were offered a place at the table in future local area consultations too. The more we all speak up the more we will achieve but it does take the individual doing this as well as the group. 
One of the things we've been doing for a while, and that we are very glad to see being replicated and encouraged by Cycling UK nationally, is working with other allied organisations to make sure our agendas are heard. We have good local links with a number of organisations and working with them can really help when campaigning. Both in making our needs recognised but also in networking and  signposting to us when there is an issue too which we might have otherwise missed, so please do think about local allies near to yourselves and work with them. Maybe other cycle clubs, ramblers associations, walkers groups, horse riders associations, well being organisations etc. And please also help keep us informed of things we need to know and be aware of that are going on local to yourselves. Things such as new housing developments, forthcoming road works, or any issues that might effect cycling for you or the wider community.

One of the  organisations we do have good local links with is Sustrans and again I encourage you to become a volunteer with them  especially if you regularly use a local sustrans route, it's a good feeling to help keep your route in good order. 
Earlier this year a number of cycle paths and routes became next to impassable in a way that lone individuals doing their best could not hope to rectify, this was highlighted not only by ourselves but by some British Cycling Breeze riders, as well others, including some of our local Sustrans folk.

After much campaigning and writing we got the story picked up by not only the local papers but also by the local radio who did an excellent commuter morning piece on the problem. Representatives from ourselves and local Sustrans volunteers were on air and within a week of that airing the paths in question were finally cut back. When we work together good things happen. 
We are still campaigning and highlighting issues and dangers across the county, locally, and nationally when needed, but I still cannot stress this enough though.. We need your individual voices and stories out there. Without the local and county agencies especially being aware of the dangers and genuine needs of everyday bicycle riders. Young, old, those that use anything other than a standard bicycle, or that use their bicycle as a disability aid etc they just won't listen and believe that there is a real need for change in our actual areas..  So I urge you to please be local campaigners and agents for change, join your local area policing forum, join your local authority panels, make the phone calls, send texts, emails or write in to the shows, media, and to your local MP's and Councillors, be the voice of bicycle riders like yourselves. Be polite be forthright and speak out. And remember we are here to help you and advise you but we need you as individuals to proactively  and en-mass make your voices, needs and wants known and heard.
Thank you.


Melanie Carroll 
Freelance Cycle Instructor. 
BC & Cycling UK Ride Leader. Cycling UK Lincs Campaigns Officer, Cycling UK Local Campaigner. 
HSBC Breeze Area Coordinator (Lincolnshire). 

​Cycling UK Lincoln Area Report 2017-2018

On a sad note, we lost one of our former riders and a keen member of the Easy Riders, Owen Garton.

Numbers on Cycling UK Lincoln's rides have been steady. A couple of new riders have joined us although we have lost one or two regular riders at the same time. There haven't been many enquiries this year from prospective new members which is disappointing especially with the summer we have had. The Facebook page gets lots of likes so that's really good.

To recruit more potential members we have produced a business card which we will give out and leave at cafes etc. So, hopefully this will result in new members.


Cycling UK Louth Area Report 2017-2018

​​The regular Sunday rides have continued in addition to the Wednesday Summer Exploration series. Numbers have averaged 4-5, very similar to last year’s attendance. A maximum of 8 for the ‘Mystery Ride’ in September.

Following the AGM in November, where we were once again awarded the Paul Enderby Trophy (with Tim celebrating his birthday with chocolate cake), we heard of the sad news that former member Hugh Rudge had passed away. He was in his 90’s and had enjoyed a full, active a varied life. May he Rest In Peace. Indeed, we took part in a Remembrance Service at Fotherby on the 12th November although it was too wet and windy to continue onto the refreshment stop.

Tim Newbery and Alan Hockham joined Rob Cook in Tenerife to be treated to some warm sunshine at the end of November but were soon back to enjoy the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway 'Santa Special' Ride in December and Tim enjoyed a super ride in Belton, meeting up with all the other East Midland Member Groups in their Mince Pie Meet. Bacon Sandwiches at Tim’s on Christmas Eve went down well and the New Year’s Day walk for once was a success with a fine time had by all at The Splash at Little Cawthorpe.
The New Year kicked off with The Brass Monkey Fly-In at North Somercotes which enjoyed stunning sunshine a surprisingly saw a large number of aircraft airborne.
More sad news greeted us in January with the passing away of another former member Bob Scott. He was 91. Winter rides continued with visits to Wold Newton, Woodthorpe and Wickenby Aerodrome. Our visit to Alford Windmill in February attracted guest appearances by Les and Di Brill and Paul Linder and there were some ‘bracing’ rides to Mablethorpe and Cleethorpes (Barry is now the knickerbocker glory expert).

Our Annual Dinner took place at Brackenborough Arms in February where Alan Hockham was presented with the Effort Cup. The return of ‘Summertime’ in June saw a very successful Geoff Findon Bikeathon and with the help of Barry, Jim, John, Rob, Chris and Mike, we raised £300 for the Louth and District Hospice. A contingent also took part in the Grimsby (East Ravendale) Bikeathon for Bloodwise in May. Summer Wednesday Exploration Rides continued with visits to Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway, a guided walk in Caistor, East Kirkby's 'Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre', Humber Bridge, RAF Scamton Hertiage Centre and Spurn Point to name a few and Mike Gray organised a splendid ride from New York to Boston on July 4th.

Who could forget Rob’s swim in the sea at Anderby Creek whilst we’ll have to return to the new North Sea Observatory at a quieter time. Autumn rides followed, Southrey and Gunby just an example with a camping mid-week break at Rutland. Many thanks to all the Ride Leaders to include Rob, Barry, Jim, Alan, Chris and John.

The weather did interfere with a number of rides during the period although there were very few cancellations or abandonment's.


Cycling UK Gainsborough Report 2017-2018

AGENDA              MINUTES               BALANCE SHEET

Cycling UK Lincolnshire Accounts 2017-20
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