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Cycling UK Lincolnshire AGM 2017

The Cycling UK Lincolnshire AGM took place on Sunday 5th November 2017 at 11.00am at the

Reepham/Cherry Willingham Village Hall

Thanks to Andy Townhill for the arrangements and the wonderful food (and to Tim for his 60th Birthday Cake).


Cherry Willingham/Reepham Village Hall was the venue for this year’s Annnual General Meeting, held on November 5th.

Tim Newbery (Chair) welcomed everyone and was pleased with the attendance which was in excess of 20 members. Following the address, Andy Townhill (Secretary) gave us the Secretary’s Annual Report and commented on the new Member Group name and how it made it easier for others to recognise who we are and what we do.

The Treasurer’s Annual Report was read out and in summary our bank balance stood at £2,260.06 – a £205.28 reduction on the previous year’s balance.

The accounts and report were accepted and agreed unanimously by the meeting.

Election of Member Group Committee Members was a very straightforward affair with no one coming forward to contest those already in post and all those standing were re-elected ‘en bloc’

Chair: Tim Newbery

Secretary: Andy Townhill

Treasurer: Barry Jordan

Registration: Trevor Halstead

Welfare: Rodney Jelfs

Promotions: Trevor Halstead

Website Editor: Trevor Halstead

Website Master: Daniel Nicholson

Rights/Safety: Melanie Carroll

Trevor Halstead remains as our Honorary President and Flora Forster our Honorary Auditor.

Presentation Of Awards:

The West Lincolnshire Trophy

The West Lincolnshire Trophy was awarded to Cycling UK Gainsborough / Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club member Dave Jacklin. He is a great ambassador for Cycling UK attending many rides through-out the year promoting social cycling.

Photography Trophy

Fellow Cycling UK Gainsborough member Trevor Halstead won the Cycling UK Lincolnshire Photography Trophy for his picture of riders crossing Fledborough Viaduct.

BSA Merit Cup

The BSA Merit Cup was awarded to Melanie Carroll who is part of the Lincoln group. Amongst her many cycling tasks, she runs a women’s group and is Rights / Safety Officer putting in many hours work making roads a safer place for cyclists.  

Melanie is Ride Leader for Cycling UK Lincoln Area Women’s Rides which she readily admits to being more of coffee shop to coffee shop group (Daisy Made, Bardney Fryer) as well as a British Cycling Ride Leader and the Lincolnshire Breeze area coordinator.

A professional National Standard ‘Bikeability’ Instructor and Freelance cycle instructor for ‘Outspoken’ training in Lincoln, Melanie mostly teaches adults to ride from scratch or trains them for confident commuting.

She also leads the Lincoln Cycle Chimps which is an all ages genders and abilities social cycling group.

If this wasn’t enough she works tirelessly on the committee as our Safety and Rights Officer attending many meetings with local councils and elected bodies, more particularly in the Lincoln area to encourage the provision of safe cycling routes.

Whilst the Tour Of Britain was taking place in August she promoted the wonders and benefits of cycling at a special Cycling Extravaganza at Normanby Hall.

This year saw Cycling UK’s inaugural Women’s Festival Of Cycling which ran throughout July. Melanie organised a 100 km women only ride from Lincoln to Boston and back on the Sustrans Water Rail Way. Rain wind and sun to contend with, even a personal flypast by the BBMF’s Lancaster. 

Melanie is a true ambassador for Cycling UK, and inspiring too. In the August / September Cycle magazine she was pictured along with other ladies as part of ‘100 Women in Cycling’ event which took place in Birmingham. Part of a team of fantastic females who are making a difference through cycling. Our congratulations go to Melanie.

The Paul Enderby Memorial Trophy

The Paul Enderby Memorial Trophy was awarded to Louth Group, the trophy was gained for all support and promotion of Cycling UK events in their area.


Certificate Of Merit

Jaki Lowe, Vice Chair of Cycling UK's Board of Trustees also presented to Rodney Jelfs the Certificate Of Merit. This award and accompanying citation are given to members who have given outstanding service to Cycling UK and Cycling. Rodney has worked tirelessly and given over 30 years’ service.

Rodney first came to Lincolnshire when he did his National Service and fell in love with the county. In his early days Rodney cycled regularly to his home county of Warwickshire and to his wife’s family in Surrey. This entailed journeys of up to 200 miles which were completed over the course of a weekend. Indeed, Rodney and Judith both cycled mile after mile on a tandem made for two and have covered just about the whole county. There’s hardly a cyclists’ café he doesn’t know, he has an encyclopedic knowledge. Rodney joined the Cyclists’ Touring Club / Cycling UK in May 1981. His son had previously joined the local section in Lincoln with a bike he had patiently saved up for and, not wanting to be left out - after legendary tales of rides led by the likes of Laurie Nunn and Len James - encouraged him to join too. Rodney was instrumental in rebuilding Lincolnshire DA / Cycling UK Lincolnshire in the 1970’s and has worked actively for the organisation for over 30 years. He has been on the committee in various guises and for many years as Rights and Safety Officer. Rodney has represented us on numerous occasions, attending highways meetings, road safety meetings, public enquiries writing articles for the press and being interviewed on the radio. One of his biggest projects was in highlighting the inadequacies of the proposed Lincoln Bypass, in all its various forms. Rodney carried out this difficult job under testing conditions with due diligence and consummate professionalism. Rodney remains as our Welfare Officer (whilst still giving valuable support to Melanie Carroll who is our current Safety Officer) and when possible meets and welcomes riders at the various cafes, especially Bardney Heritage Centre.

Jaki Lowe, who herself was voted as one of the ‘100 inspirational Women in Cycling’ profiled by Cycling UK, then addressed the meeting. She commented on activities at National Office and how the organisation was ’fighting above it’s weight’ given the lack of funding by the government. She commended Cycling UK Lincolnshire on it’s noted profile and the ongoing work on it’s website.

During 'Any Other Business', Trevor Halstead asked if, given the healthy state of our financial reserves, we might make a small donation to Sustrans as that organisation was suffering from a lack of funding. Trevor stated that many of use the signed infrastructure that they promote and maintain. Melanie Carroll commented that the organisation would welcome volunteers. A motion was put forward and a majority of members voted that a donation should be given. This will be discussed at the next Committee Meeting. 

Left to right: Tim Newbery (Louth), Dave Jacklin (Gainsborough), Melanie Carroll (Womens Lincoln), Jaki Lowe (Vice Chair Cycling UK Board of Trustees) and Trevor Halstead (Gainsborough) with their awards.
Picture by Daniel Nicholson.

Rodney Jelfs, recipient of Certificate of Merit and Citation.

Picture by Andy Townhill (left) Trevor Halstead (right)

Fledborough Viaduct. Winner of the Photographic Competition.

Picture by Trevor Halstead.

Cycling UK Lincolnshire Chair Person's Report 2016-2017

It’s been yet another busy year for Cycling UK at National Office and locally for Cycling UK Lincolnshire.

Our Annual General Meeting was held at the Hill Top Club in Gainsborough in November 2016 where a motion to change the public name from CTC Lincolnshire to Cycling UK Lincolnshire was carried by a majority vote. The West Lincolnshire Trophy was awarded to Cycling UK Gainsborough area member Daniel Nicholson. Cycling is a big part of Daniel’s life and enjoys club riding on Sundays. He’s also an accredited cycle training instructor and encourages and helps new riders into the recreation of riding a cycle. The BSA Merit Cup was awarded to Melanie Carroll. She set up a women’s cycling group in Lincoln and also worked hard attending County Council meetings encouraging local authorities to produce safe cycling routes in the area. Melanie also won the Cycling UK Lincolnshire Photography Trophy for a picture taken of riders taking part in their cycle rides. The Paul Enderby Memorial Trophy was awarded to Cycling UK Louth for promoting cycling activities in their area, as well as promoting cycle rides throughout the year.

This year has seen active participation in a number of events across the county. There were successful Audax rides run in conjunction with Cycling UK and the Lincoln Imp Randonnee in April saw dozens of entrants raising £141 for Cycling UK Lincolnshire, whilst in September the Lincolnshire Wolds Randonnee raised a worthy £154 for the Member Group’s funds. Gainsborough and Cycling UK Louth were also involved in this year’s Bike Week with the Louth Area hosting the Geoff Findon Bikeathon which raised £500 in aid of Louth and District Hospice, whilst Cycling UK Gainsborough held their annual Bikeathon in aid of Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance in June. Trevor presented a cheque to the value of £650 on 23rd October at a special presentation evening at the Eight Jolly Brewers. Many congratulations to all. 

Cycling UK Lincolnshire members also attended the Cycling UK AGM held in London in May, the CTC Birthday Rides which were held in the Cotswolds in August, whilst Melanie Carroll attended the ‘100 Women In Cycling’ event in Birmingham. Melanie had been involved in Cycling UK’s inaugural ‘Women’s Festival of Cycling’ held throughout July, organising a

100 km Women only Ride from Lincoln to Boston and back. A true ambassador for Cycling UK, locally and nationally and deservedly to be front row in the August/September Cycle two-page photo spread.

Cycling UK Lincolnshire have also been involved in promoting the ‘Close Pass’ campaign, although Lincolnshire Police have so far declined to hold a close pass mat, a work in progress.

At national level Cycling UK has totally overhauled their website and there are dedicated pages for Cycling UK Lincolnshire and also for ‘informal activities’ such as Louth and Lincoln. Well worth checking out. Work is also progressing on Cycling UK Lincolnshire’s new county website: and you may well see our new promotional stickers in shop and café windows.

Tim Newbery, Chairperson, Cycling UK Lincolnshire.

Cycling UK Lincolnshire Secretary's Report 2016-17


I would like to mention the hard work by Tim Newbery during 2017 especially in setting up the Cycling UK Lincolnshire website. Since he has retired Tim has been very active in going to meetings both locally and UK wide. A good ambassador for the whole of Lincolnshire.

The change of our public name from CTC to Cycling UK was not universally popular. However, this has in my opinion made my job easier. At least now we have the word 'cycling' back in our name, rather than just using CTC rather like the AA or RAC. I think this way the general public can understand it better and I know from my advertising in the Lincolnshire Echo via the 'what’s on' page it makes our rides stand out.

While we had the name change, in other aspects it was  a fairly quiet year. The Lincoln Imp Audax was about 25 per cent down on entries. The Lincolnshire Wolds Audax numbers had about the same has 2016.

Next year is looking like it could be difficult for cycling in general. With the tragic Kim Briggs case, the government is looking at cycling laws and safety. Unfortunately the safety aspect may involve attempts to make the wearing of Hi Viz clothing and helmets compulsory and possibly day time running lights too. I am sure Jaki Lowe who is with us today from National Office will tell us  about any new developments and how Cycling UK will fight our corner. Locally, Tim and Rodney attended a road safety event in Grantham on Friday the 3rd of November and with Melanie as our safety officer I am sure on a local level we can fight our corner.

One piece of good news is the proposed development of the Marina near Cherry Willingham. While they are planning some housing, the good part is the developers plan to create cycle paths and a bridge over the Witham to join the Water Rail Way multi use pathway. We must however make sure that this does indeed take place.

2017 has also seen our local Cycling UK areas promote cycling via social media including Facebook and Barry Jordan has been instrumental in designing and producing our café stickers, which are proving very popular.

While 2018 looks challenging we must look to promote Cycling UK Lincolnshire and stand up for our rights as cyclists and all clubs locally must unite with us, otherwise who knows what will happen.


Andy Townhill.

Cycling UK Lincolnshire Safety Report 2016-2017

The last year we have been active in Campaigning, consulting, and petitioning for cycling infrastructure and safety to be a priority. We have engaged with Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) over issues and endeavored to work with them and other stakeholders in moving away from the hi-viz and helmets agenda to one of education about close pass and space for cycling. We have engaged with consultations on new projects in the city, not least over the transport hub- and also within the wider county to ensure that cycle Provision is on the agenda.

We have actively engaged with city and county council over road schemes such as the East-West link and changes to other roads, roundabouts and future developments to represent the needs of cyclists and to ensure that our voices are heard.

We are glad to say that our organisation was also invited to attend the Lincolnshire Road Safety Summit looking at how to reduce the toll of deaths and collisions within the county of Lincolnshire. 
This year we have ensured that some cycle provision has been included in the transport hub scheme, that issues arising from the East-West link have been better understood and we hope learned from, that the Water Rail Way trail remains open throughout the bypass works and that our needs are represented in other works. However the list of things we need to keep our eye on remains long.

We would ask that any and all our members to also write to the council or other agencies when they become aware of issues that may effect themselves or other cyclists, as well as letting us know. It is no longer enough for just the voice of Cycling UK Lincolnshire to speak out, to ensure that we are heard and our needs appreciated it also needs many individual letters because each letter counts. Gone are the days when a membership organisation letter counted for the many. Now they need many letters from individuals to really make them take notice.

The work continues on and again I'd ask all Members to be active campaigners for cycle provision and safety and keep an eye on any proposed changes in their areas. Let us know too anything that we should be aware of, be it an accident blackspot, a proposed change to roads or right of ways, a new building works or estate...or any other issue that needs the needs of the bicycle rider being kept front and centre. 


Melanie Carroll. 

Cycling UK Women's Group, Lincoln Report 2016-2017

The second year of Lincoln Cycling UK Women's Group monthly ride programme saw 10 rides being held, the numbers on each ride vary though it's true to say the Friday Fish and Chip rides to Bardney seem to be very popular. Overall in the course of the season we have had an attendence of 37 riders join us, with a core group of regulars and some joining us just for one or two rides, others then starting with us and progressing into the mixed Sunday rides as well which is fantastic to see. We also put on rides during the cycling UK Women's Festival in July.  A notable highlight of the festival rides was when we undertook a 100 km ride to Boston and back which was a slow womens Rapha 100 ride too. This saw 14 riders join us and complete the distance, earning themselves Cycling UK Festival awards and also Rapha 100 km patches. Most of the riders had never before undertaken anything near that distance which made it a brilliant achievement and one to be repeated next year.


Melanie Carroll.

Cycling UK Lincoln Area Report 2016-2017


This year our number of riders have risen with a few rides in double digits. We now have new shirts with the slogan “Sociable Cycling”. I borrowed this from Peterborough CTC although I think the phrase covers what Lincoln Area does, both with Melanie's Women's rides and my mixed rides.

Hopefully in 2018 the road works in Lincoln City Centre will be completed so we can cycle, without crossing an obstacle course, although we do have the construction of the Lincoln eastern bypass which I hope and pray does not affect our Sunday rides.

Andy Townhill.

Cycling UK Louth Area Report 2016-2017

The regular Sunday rides have continued in addition to the Wednesday Summer Exploration series.

Numbers have averaged 4-5, very similar to last year’s attendance.

Following the AGM in November where we were awarded the Paul Enderby Memorial Trophy, the Winter Season kicked off with Storm ‘Angus’ resulting in an abandonment of the ride to Hagworthingham. The first of a few over the coming months. December saw a mix of social rides (a fine buffet lunch at Little Cawthorpe), the ‘Santa Special at Legbourne (Tim’s decorated bike lit up the sky and won the prize) and picnic lunches on the 25th for the brave. New Year’s Day should have seen the return of a walking event although very heavy and persistent rain meant a trip to the pub instead. Seemed like a good idea and Tim, John, Celia, Mike and Jane enjoyed a festive meal at Dexters. The Brass Monkey Fly In at North Somercotes enjoyed good weather a surprisingly saw a large number of aircraft airborne. ‘Wes Hail’ at Skidbrooke was also a success in spite of the forecast of snow. The ladies 'Herring Gals' also gave a fine show with their garlands, coping well with the wind and rain. The winters ride to South Ormsby encountered the harshest frost of the year although Tim Mike and Reg persevered whilst we were met at the pub by Chris, Ying, Alan and Karen who had travelled on four wheels. February saw a big improvement in the weather with rides to Tetney Lock, Woodhall Spa (with guest appearances by Les and Di Brill and Paul Linder). Our Annual Dinner took place at Brackenborough Arms on April 1st where Paul and Julie Kissane were guests of honour, Julie having reformed the club a little over 30 years ago. She was also presented with a photograph of the first CTC Louth ride. Mike was presented with the Effort Cup. The return of ‘Summertime’ at the end of March heralded rides to Caistor (bacon sandwiches kindly supplied by Barry and Jim), Goulceby, and in April to Binbrook to View the ‘Tour Of The Wolds’ professional race. We also joined up with a contingent of Eden Valley Cycling UK who spent a week in Louth. June saw a very successful Geoff Findon Bikeathon and with the help of Barry, Jim, John, Reg, Rob and Mike, we raised £500 for the Louth and District Hospice. A contingent also took part in the Grimsby (East Ravendale) Bikeathon for Bloodwise in May. The Lincoln Grand Prix ride proved popular whilst a few of our members went to Dumfries for the late May Bank Holiday where Mike was in charge of the 177th Anniversary Kirkpatrick Macmillan Rally. Summer rides continued with the addition of a series of Exploration rides and visits included Lincoln Castle, Grimsby Heritage Fishing Centre, BBMF Museum, RAF Binbrook Museum, Northcote Heavy Horse Centre, Great Steeping and the Sir Joseph Banks Museum in Horncastle to name a few. Then of course the magnificent BBQ hosted by Barry and Jim and a picnic ride to Bolingbroke Castle. Fine Autumn rides followed, Southrey just an example with a memorable Lincolnshire Day’s ride to Binbrook. Many thanks to all the Ride Leaders to include Barry, Alan, Chris and John. Good to see John recover after some medical problems and to Barry who was involved in being run off the road by a van.

Tim Newbery.

Cycling UK Gainsborough Report 2016-2017

The Gainsborough area group has hosted events each week though-out the year Leisure rides, Mountain bike rides, Speed Judging events and Reliability rides.

The leisure rides have covered distances from 25 miles to 120 miles. We have had new riders sampling club rides.

Two riders have experienced their first 100 mile rides.

Shorter rides of between 25 and 50 miles have been popular. Average attendance during the year has been about

10 riders.

National bike Week was popular The Charity Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance ride raised £650.00.

Other events in the week included Pedaling Picnic, Cycle2work, Dr Bike and a Come Try It Time Trial.

Trevor Halstead.

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