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Cycling UK AGM 2018

Date: Saturday 12th May 2018

Time: 11.30 am.

Location: BRISTOL

Venue: The Armada House Conference & Events Centre, Armada House, Telephone Avenue, Bristol BS1 4BQ




A few lines to appraise you of what went on at the AGM, which this year was held in Bristol on Saturday 12th May 2018.


Firstly, there was informal discussion prior to the AGM as to where these meetings will be held in the coming years. It may be that the AGM will be held at the same time and the same location as the Members Conference / Workshop. It was felt that the AGM was becoming somewhat isolated. In this situation the meetings would remain roving, ie a different location each year. Alternatively, the AGM might be held in London each year in May with a separate roving Members Conference / Workshop in October. Watch this space. Never the less, this year's Members Conference / Workshop will be held in Harrogate in October, at the same location where Stanley Ambrose John Cotterell originally formed the 'Bicycle Touring Club' way back in 1878. 


Back to the AGM. 

Paul Tuohy gave a long and detailed address that covered subjects as to the state of health of Cycling UK. There is to be an updated and refocused strategy. An emphasis of being 'inclusive and accessible to all'. A key part of the new strategy is to invest in volunteers. Volunteers to be active and diverse. Indeed, there is to be an investment to increase the number of staff at National Office to aid and advise volunteers. There's also to be a new Member Group Guidebook. A comment was made as to just how successful the Parkrun movement is and it's very much volunteer run. Paul Tuohy is to meet the Parkrun UK CEO soon. There is a need to see other organisations as 'partners' not 'enemies'. There is to be more cooperation or at least meetings with British Cycling and Sustrans who share some of Cycling UK's aims. Paul Tuohy has taken note of the donation we gave to Sustrans East Midlands and was interested to hear that we have invited Gwyneth McMinn (Head of Network Development Midlands and East Sustrans) to our AGM in November. He asked me to give a report following the AGM.


Cycling UK also wants to lead a Behaviour Change Programme, headlined by the 'BIG BIKE REVIVAL' to give people confidence in going out on a bike...and the ability to fix a bike.


As to the voting of the resolutions only 23 people who had not already voted were present at the meeting (I was one of them!). The vast majority of members had already voted online / snail mail etc.

Resolution 1: FOR 2069. Successful.

Resolution 2: FOR 2090. Successful.

Resolution 3: FOR 2036. Successful.

Resolution 4: FOR 1792.  Successful ...  sorry folks, membership fees are going up

Resolution 5: FOR 891 AGAINST 1213. Motion failed but this was a surprisingly close vote. This was a motion to entitle every member to stand for election to the board of trustees (if supported by 10 members).

For a report of the voting results of the resolutions, see HERE


























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