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Cycling UK AGM 2019

The Cycling UK AGM 2019 took place on Saturday 15 June 2019 at The Coin Street Conference Centre based at the Coin Street neighbourhood centre, 108 Stamford Street, South Bank, London SE1 9NH.

The AGM followed directly after Going the Extra Mile: Cycling UK's Volunteer Celebration 2019 at the same venue.

With major train disruption on the day, many delegates were delayed and the timings of the programme of events were altered. The majority of the workshops were also cancelled. Perhaps this event could be streamed live on social media so that a greater number of the membership could view the celebrations.

Alex Cuppleditch, Head of Volunteering Cycling UK gave the welcome speech and there was an introduction by CEO Paul Tuohy.

The keynote speaker was Cycling UK member Jenny Graham who gave a fascinating and truly inspiring account of her around the world in a world record 124 days! Her talk was given rapturous applause, deservedly too. Full details of her adventures can be found HERE

Other speakers included Sarah Javaid, the founder of 'Cycle Sisters', a Muslim women's  cycling group based in Waltham Forest. Created in 2016 to cater for a clear need for safe and culturally appropriate space specifically for Muslim women. So successful has it been that there'll now be a 'Cycle Brother's' group. Ted Liddle gave a 'how to' talk on identifying and developing off road trails. He stressed that routes are not products but must be managed. Scenery alone in not enough and that infrastructure (accommodation, cafes etc) has to be developed as an integral part of the product. Susan Nicholson showcased her Cycling UK affiliated group 'Social Track'.  The Wishaw Community pump track based near Glasgow has been keeping kids off the streets benefiting their long term health and wellbeing as well as reducing the crime rate.

Going The Extra Mile Vounteer Awards. The RESULTS.

1. BEST CYCLING PROGRAMME: HOPE for Autism, North Lancashire

2. OUTSTANDING YOUNG ACHIEVER: Blaen Roberts, Liver Pedlaa Pool


4. OUTSTANDING CAMPAIGNING GROUP: Henry Norman, Ride Sheffield


6. BEST COMMUNITY PROJECT: Bike Park Bishopstoke

7. BEST CYCLING EVENT: Early Spring Challenge, Two Mills CTC






Once again, there was an extremely small turnout for the AGM with less than 30 members eligible to vote attending the meeting. There were a number of Proxy votes but the vast majority were Postal votes and On-line votes.

All the papers for reference can be found HERE





Motion 1: To adopt as a true record the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in Bristol on 12th May 2018.

For 1863; Against 7; Abstain 137. Motion carried.


Motion 2: To adopt the Annual Report of the Board of Trustees and the audited accounts for the year ended 30th September 2018 as published on the Cycling UK website.

For 1925; Against 11; Abstain 92. Motion carried.


Motion 3: To reappoint Buzzacott LLP as auditors and to authorise the Board of trustees to fix their remuneration.

For 1845; Against 50; Abstain 112. Motion carried.


Motion 4: That the membership fee set pursuant to Article 11 of the Articles of Association shall increase the Adult rate from £46.50 to £48.00, Household rate from £72.00 to £74.00, Senior Rate from £29.50 to £30.50, Affiliate rate from £25.00 to £26.00, and Group Affiliation from £77.50 to £80.00 for the year from 1st October 2019. Junior and Concessions rates remain unchanged. Board response: We are very proud of all our achievements last year. As set out in our new annual impact report, we reached well over 60,000 individuals with our programmes to help get more people cycling, we had some great campaign wins to make cycling safer, and we secured more investment. We couldn’t do this without the support that we receive from our members, and next year we want to do even more. It’s therefore prudent to budget for a small increase in the membership fee in line with inflation to absorb future cost rises and ensure we can continue our mission to support cycling. As part of our new strategy, we will also be exploring new ways to raise funds so we can expand our work even further. Alongside this invaluable support for the charity’s work, your membership fee also provides benefits including insurance, legal advice, and rewarding discounts with some key partners, which we will be reviewing this year with members to ensure they meet your needs. Our Direct Debit options make payment easier, and our range of concessionary memberships ensures that membership is accessible to all. Proposer: Dr Janet Atherton OBE Seconder: Carl Pearse.

For 1715; Against 252; Abstain 41. Motion carried.


Motion 5: That this AGM proposes that a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) shall be set for the Cycling UK. They shall include targets for membership, finance, campaigns, local group activity, public awareness etc. The outcomes of these performance indicators shall be published in the annual report and on the Cycling UK website. The results shall cover a three-year cycle. Proposer’s note: There is concern at the lack of information published about quantifiable progress for Cycling UK. We hope this motion will focus the efforts of the Cycling UK. It is common practice among charities and companies to publish such information on their website. See, for example, the following web-links: Proposer: Peter Kanssen Seconder: Simon Hattersley The Board accepts this motion. The Director of Organisational Effectiveness and Finance will be collating a set of Key Performance Indicators covering the areas mentioned in the motion and linked inextricably to the Cycling UK strategy. In designing the KPIs, reference will be made to the websites noted.

For 1769; Against 163;  Abstain 77. Motion carried.


Percentage of Cycling UK membership that voted: 3% 

CEO Paul Tuohy addressed those attending the AGM and stressed the importance of collaboration and co-operation between like minded organisations, including British Cycling, Sport England and Sustrans. Talks and meetings are ongoing. Membership has increased slightly over the last year and although the target is 100,000 this is not seen as fundamental to the success of the organisation. There was also discussion about the boom in e-bikes and that Cycling UK needs to embrace this growing sector. Cycling UK should and must take a lead in developing legislation so that e-bikes, e-scooters can safely use and share the highways, cycle paths and bridleways.

Paul Tuohy AGM 2019.jpg
CEO Paul Tuohy agead of the AGM
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